Thursday, June 17, 2010

Risk Taker of the Week.

One of my favorite sites to get inspiration from real women is's Street Chic blog. goes out on the streets of New York to find women in their everyday wear. I am loving this young lady working the whole "grunge" look that Marc Jacobs so famously (or infamously) made popular.

Distressed boyfriend jeans are my fave this season, and I expect to see many more fashionistas adopting this trend (if you haven't got a pair, get on it!). The boots are a nice unexpected touch. Although this whole look is tough, the tailored leather blazer with butterfly pin "fems" it up a bit. I love to see women taking risks with what they're wearing instead of sticking to the norm!


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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Amigos: Calzatura.

To keep me busy this summer, I got a job at a boutique in downtown Gainesville, FL. I like to switch around the window displays at least twice a week. My friend Jenny and I came up with these looks to ensure that every girl could identify with at least one look. Here they are:

Mind you, they are a bit bare due to lack of accessories, but you get the idea. We set it up so there is a range from edgy to ultra-femme...something for everyone. Also, we kept the colors cohesive. I'll break down the outfits and price points so you can stop by Calzatura and check out the goods!


Bobby K Jersey Scarf: $20-
Silk Trapeze Tank: $32-
Distressed Denim: $52-

Tri-Color Romper: $42-

Coral Tiered Sundress: $44-
Charmed Necklace: $45-

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mommy Chic.

A childhood friend of mine recently sent me a message stressing her frustration about looking stylish but mommy proof at the same time. Ever since becoming a mommy, Rebecca basically lives in gym clothes for day-to-day activities. She is still young and hip, and deserves to look the part of a young, hip mom. Her baby boy is turning 2 in July, and she wants an outfit that will show off her personal style AND allow her to perform her mommy duties at his birthday bash. She asked me to put together a look for her that is "cute yet functional". Here's what I came up with:

I am all about the romper right now for two reasons. It is 1) incredibly comfortable and 2) really retro. Rebecca will be able to run around in this and not have to worry about being exposed like she would if she were wearing a skirt or a dress. I'm assuming some of the party will be taking place outside so stylish eyewear is a must (Ray-Ban aviators are so classic). These Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges add a hint of "dressiness" (if that's a word) while not killing her feet. The accessories I kept simple so that they wouldn't be a huge distraction throughout the day. The bamboo hoops and stacked bangles fit Rebecca's bohemian style. There you have it: Mommy Chic! P.S. Happy Birthday Parker!

xo K.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Empire State of Mind.

Ask me what's on my mind at any time of the day and the answer will be my trip to NYC in July. I tend to obsess over the City because quite frankly it is the most magical place in the world (for me, at least). The fashion, the food, and of course the fun never ends when I'm there. NYC is also a great place to experiment with trends that I would be too nervous to try here in good old Gainesville. In New York, anything goes...and fashion is no exception. Here are a few key pieces that I'm planning on taking on my trip...


Risk Taker of the Week: Natalia Vodianova.

One of my favorite models, Natalia Vodianova, looks stunning in whatever she wears. However, this week she wore an eye catching number by Louis Vuitton. I'm loving the asymmetrical, undone look of this outfit. I'm not even quite sure if it's two pieces or one. Whatever it is, it works. The bold colors mixed with the black tulle seems almost contradictory, but being Natalia, she pulls it off effortlessly. Who wants to blend in with the crowd? Taking a risk? Trés chic.


Image via: Vogue Online