Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Amigos: Calzatura.

To keep me busy this summer, I got a job at a boutique in downtown Gainesville, FL. I like to switch around the window displays at least twice a week. My friend Jenny and I came up with these looks to ensure that every girl could identify with at least one look. Here they are:

Mind you, they are a bit bare due to lack of accessories, but you get the idea. We set it up so there is a range from edgy to ultra-femme...something for everyone. Also, we kept the colors cohesive. I'll break down the outfits and price points so you can stop by Calzatura and check out the goods!


Bobby K Jersey Scarf: $20-
Silk Trapeze Tank: $32-
Distressed Denim: $52-

Tri-Color Romper: $42-

Coral Tiered Sundress: $44-
Charmed Necklace: $45-

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