Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chanel Goodness.

I was flipping through my monthly InStyle and found these gorgeous shots of Georgia Jagger (yes, Mick Jagger's offspring) for Chanel's Resort 2011:

those shorts.

I always love an open back.

classic Chanel.

Boho Chanel.



Saturday, October 23, 2010

Someone tell me fashion isn't an art form...

Alexander McQueen SS RTW '10

That's all folks.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

NYFW Favorites.

Here are my top (and most wearable) looks from my favorite designers at New York Fashion Week. The overall theme for this year was this sort of "return to femininity". The whole menswear idea from past seasons was wonderful, but there's nothing better than the feeling you get when you wear girly, sexy fabrics and silhouettes. I tried to describe the overall tone of each of their collections in 5 words or less...thanks to for these photos!



Saturday, September 11, 2010

FNO: Palermo Style.

Fashion's Night Out was a huge success both here in Gainesville and the fabulous city of New York. I looked at a few pics online of the event and came across Ms. Palermo in one of my favorite looks from the DVF S/S '10 line...which has appeared here on the blog several times around BUT it keeps popping up everywhere! Olivia looks amazing as usual. This tribal mustard number is so perfect for her coloring, and of course the accessories (her specialty) are unexpected yet go so well.

Here is the look shown last September....Olivia gives model Abbey Lee Kershaw a run for her money, don't you think?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fashion's Night Out: Gainesville Style.

Last year's Fashion Night Out in NYC was a huge success. This night of shopping is designed to help stimulate our hurting economy (the fashion industry namely) by promoting special deals for lovers of all things chic. However, this year local businesses in Gainesville have adopted this idea to provide us a similar opportunity right here in the 352.

Here is the official announcement from Matt Turner, owner of Wolfgang:

Good evening Gainesville!

It's weird, Labor Day weekend is supposed to be nice and relaxing,
you know? A chance to get out of town, let loose, have fun, etc.
Yet, every person I talk to acts like they were all collectively
hit by a Mack truck at some point or something. Everyone's a wreck!
Anyway, that's not important. What IS important is that this
Friday, 9/10/2010, Wolfgang is more than happy and proud to present
the city of Gainesville with it's 2nd annual Fashion's Night Out!

If you are unfamiliar with FNO, it is an international celebration
of fashion and style, hosted in NYC, Paris, Milan, etc., and many
other fashionable cities across the world. Here's the link,

We are going to have our own version of this illustrious occasion.
It goes like this:

Wolfgang, along with other boutiques like Dahlia, Etc. Boutique,
Gifthorse, Persona, Mesh and Calzatura, will be selling Fashion's
Night Out cards for $5 each. With that card, from 6PM-10PM this
Friday, you can go to each of the 16 LOCAL businesses participating
and receive discounts, freebies, hook-ups, drinks, food and all
sorts of great stuff.

Great start, right? But that's not all. The FIRST person that
gets a stamp or signature or some proof of going to ALL the
businesses listed on the FNO card and brings it back to Wolfgang (headquarters)
completed will receive a very special GRAND PRIZE filled with
amazing gifts from all of the participating businesses. In addition,
the first 10-15 that arrive at Wolfgang with a completed card will
receive smaller gift bags with coupons, freebies and lots of
smaller gifts from all of the businesses.

Participating businesses include:
Wolfgang, Dahlia, Etc. Boutique, Calzatura, Mesh, Persona, Gifthorse,
Karma Cream, Volta, Tecnicolors Salon, Mode Salon, Salon La-Di-Da,
Sharab Lounge, Alcove Bar, Lux Bar and Spannk/Speakeasy.

You can't really lose. It's $5 to get hooked up all over the city.
You can do the race for the grand prize or just go to a few of your
favorite places and hang out and enjoy their perks. Its a great
way to support local business in Gainesville. The FNO cards
will also be valid at all of the above listed bars /clubs until they
close at 2am. You can ONLY get credit towards the prizes between
the hours of 6pm-10pm, though.

Any questions can be made to me at 904.716.4194 or 352.505.8123.
Tickets will be available to purchase tomorrow afternoon. Please
come and join us for this fantastic occasion!

Here's the Facebook invite if you need more info as well:

Hope to see all of you on Friday! Take care,

Matthew Turner

Monday, August 30, 2010

And the Emmy goes to...

How fantastic did Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev look in this Zuhair Murad stunner? The Lebanese designer is known for his standout silhouettes and incredible artistry when it comes to fabrics and embellishment.

The young actress looks perfect from head to toe. The hair is classic yet youthful and the makeup is done right...not distracting us from the dress whatsoever. The jewels and peep toe pumps add the extra glam factor to make this look a Perfect 10! Who were your favorites?


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Messy Monday.

I came across this photo from Vogue Italia and really connected with it because my room is ten times worse than this from really "never unpacking while in the midst of repacking". Still chic amongst the mess. Happy Monday!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 days in the 212.

I have been non-stop traveling this summer and most of the time internet-less. My apologies for lack of blogging...Here's a few outfits I wore while visiting a friend in Manhattan for a week. I forgot to take photos a few of the days I was there but five will suffice. Might I add that every day in NY was a scorcher?? Nonetheless, I had a fantastic time and loved experimenting with some new clothes I've been waiting to wear.

Had some fun at the Yankees game in this silk romper, had frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, and walked Louie along the Hudson taking advantage of the night light views...

Bought these high waisted shorts at H&M for only $15 bucks at the 59th and Lex location! Such a bargain, enjoyed a delicious lunch in Little Italy, and visited a friend interning at to meet and chat with Michelle Smith (the designer)...unreal. Spent our last night enjoying Southern Hospitality's famous trivia night.

Love the retro bustier cut of this floral dress...Had brunch at Cilantro with the girls, went to see In the Heights, shopped in the West Village, and had dessert with a friend's family at Feraras

Bought this vintage top a while ago and saved it for NY. Went to the Met to see the American Woman exhibit...very inspiring. Of course stopped by to see some Van Gogh and Degas while we were there. Strolled down fifth and had Louboutin heart attacks in the shoe department at Bergdorf.

Stole this crochet number from my 8 year old niece for my trip! Saw an amazing show called Fuerza Bruta after waiting 2 hours in the new york heat for worth it though. Had drinks at Gusto Organics in Union Square. Ate at La Halles and had some delicious French Cuisine...And later ended up on the Upper West Side at a Columbia University Co-op...very interesting night.

I love New York not only for the fashion element but also because it's a place that makes you think about something greater than yourself.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Risk Taker of the Week.

One of my favorite sites to get inspiration from real women is's Street Chic blog. goes out on the streets of New York to find women in their everyday wear. I am loving this young lady working the whole "grunge" look that Marc Jacobs so famously (or infamously) made popular.

Distressed boyfriend jeans are my fave this season, and I expect to see many more fashionistas adopting this trend (if you haven't got a pair, get on it!). The boots are a nice unexpected touch. Although this whole look is tough, the tailored leather blazer with butterfly pin "fems" it up a bit. I love to see women taking risks with what they're wearing instead of sticking to the norm!


Photo credit : 1

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Amigos: Calzatura.

To keep me busy this summer, I got a job at a boutique in downtown Gainesville, FL. I like to switch around the window displays at least twice a week. My friend Jenny and I came up with these looks to ensure that every girl could identify with at least one look. Here they are:

Mind you, they are a bit bare due to lack of accessories, but you get the idea. We set it up so there is a range from edgy to ultra-femme...something for everyone. Also, we kept the colors cohesive. I'll break down the outfits and price points so you can stop by Calzatura and check out the goods!


Bobby K Jersey Scarf: $20-
Silk Trapeze Tank: $32-
Distressed Denim: $52-

Tri-Color Romper: $42-

Coral Tiered Sundress: $44-
Charmed Necklace: $45-

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mommy Chic.

A childhood friend of mine recently sent me a message stressing her frustration about looking stylish but mommy proof at the same time. Ever since becoming a mommy, Rebecca basically lives in gym clothes for day-to-day activities. She is still young and hip, and deserves to look the part of a young, hip mom. Her baby boy is turning 2 in July, and she wants an outfit that will show off her personal style AND allow her to perform her mommy duties at his birthday bash. She asked me to put together a look for her that is "cute yet functional". Here's what I came up with:

I am all about the romper right now for two reasons. It is 1) incredibly comfortable and 2) really retro. Rebecca will be able to run around in this and not have to worry about being exposed like she would if she were wearing a skirt or a dress. I'm assuming some of the party will be taking place outside so stylish eyewear is a must (Ray-Ban aviators are so classic). These Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges add a hint of "dressiness" (if that's a word) while not killing her feet. The accessories I kept simple so that they wouldn't be a huge distraction throughout the day. The bamboo hoops and stacked bangles fit Rebecca's bohemian style. There you have it: Mommy Chic! P.S. Happy Birthday Parker!

xo K.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Empire State of Mind.

Ask me what's on my mind at any time of the day and the answer will be my trip to NYC in July. I tend to obsess over the City because quite frankly it is the most magical place in the world (for me, at least). The fashion, the food, and of course the fun never ends when I'm there. NYC is also a great place to experiment with trends that I would be too nervous to try here in good old Gainesville. In New York, anything goes...and fashion is no exception. Here are a few key pieces that I'm planning on taking on my trip...


Risk Taker of the Week: Natalia Vodianova.

One of my favorite models, Natalia Vodianova, looks stunning in whatever she wears. However, this week she wore an eye catching number by Louis Vuitton. I'm loving the asymmetrical, undone look of this outfit. I'm not even quite sure if it's two pieces or one. Whatever it is, it works. The bold colors mixed with the black tulle seems almost contradictory, but being Natalia, she pulls it off effortlessly. Who wants to blend in with the crowd? Taking a risk? Trés chic.


Image via: Vogue Online

Monday, May 31, 2010

Animal [Prints] in Action.

I found this crazy amazing giraffe print top at my favorite vintage store in Gainesville called Persona. I know the owner well so she held it for me until I got paid :) It is by a Hawaiian designer named Kiyomi. Even though it's vintage, it is still right on trend. When I saw the cut-out shoulders, that was it. I had to have it. It fits so perfectly and couldn't be more comfortable. The linen fabric is perfect for this awful summer heat. I'm thinking about how to outfit it right now. For a clean fresh look, I'll go with white denim skinnies and a camel ballet flat. If I'm feeling more edgy (which is most of the time) I'll pair it with some dark denim cuffed bermudas and black gladiators. Can't wait to wear it, but I think I'm going to save it for my trip to NY in July.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Marry Me Karl.

I didn't quite think it was possible, but Karl Lagerfeld has outdone himself yet again. His latest Ready-to-Wear Collection is inspired by St. Tropez. During Paris Fashion Week, Chanel models strutted (and rode in motorcycles) down the runway in hues of pink, white, orange, gold, and of course Chanel's signature black. Each look embodies the effortless glamour and elegance often associated with St. Tropez. I literally would wear every look in this collection...obsessed is an understatement. Here are a few of my faves:

Check out the entire collection at British Vogue.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Editorial Inspiration.

I came across this photo of Ashley Olsen from Marie Claire and had to share it with you all. The juxtaposition of the glam dress with the older, "worn" apartment is all part of a grand plan (at least I think so). Pictures can say a thousand words, and their meanings can be interpreted differently. I believe the message this picture is trying to relay is to focus on the beautiful things in life and not allow the surrounding distractions detract from the things that make us truly happy. Yes, there can be some "unbeautiful" things in life, but their purpose is to make the beautiful things all the more beautiful.
Who knew an editorial photo can be so thought-provoking?


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Friday, April 30, 2010

Graduate Chic.

Tomorrow, one of my dearest friends will be graduating. For her big day, I've put together a look that suits her personal style while allowing her to stand out among the other thousands of University of Florida graduates.

We found a great coral dress that fits wonderfully today, the day before graduation. Are we lucky or what? She has some great Sequin bangles that go with absolutely everything, gold studs, and a pearl necklace (staying true to her style) to accessorize the look. Because trekking across our miles-wide campus is not preferential, I thought some dressy flats would be best. I was so excited to get Lacie her first pair of Jack Rogers! Loving the new platinum color because it can go with both gold and silver. To finish the look, I added a giant bow clutch. Happy Graduation and all the best!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Eryn Brinié.

I love finding newer designers that can stand out among the "big boys", so to speak. Eryn Brinié is slowly becoming a household name with fans like none other than Olivia Palermo. The brand is all about easy, wearable clothing with a minimalist aesthetic...very New York meets Europe. Here are a few of my favorite looks from the SS '10 Collection:

As you can see, there is a flowy effortless feel to the clothing. The collections are flooded with great layering pieces and comfortable fabrics. And I'm glad to say, everything is much more affordable than big name designers. Click here to check out the rest.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Eternal Fashion Faux Pas.

Here are a few no-no's to avoid always and forever...

There is such a thing as being "too matched". Since when is it okay to wear a leopard dress with leopard heels? (I've seen this look with my own two eyes) And who says if you're wearing black shoes that you have to wear all black accessories? Every single modern-day style icon has a special way of putting together different colors and making it work. So next time you grab your black shoes reach for a plum or hunter green bag. Switch things up a bit, you know; keep it interesting.

A few days ago I spotted a girl with tank top on and bra straps in full force. Now, there's nothing worse than seeing someone's unmentionables in an unfashionable way. However, this girl put a twist on the faux pas: they were clear straps (think 1998). While I appreciate the effort of trying to camouflage her straps, I wanted to let her know that it was just making them more apparent. Two words: strapless bra.

Because I live in Gainesville, I see these babies on a regular basis (I even spotted Tim Tebow sporting some orange and blue ones a few months ago...true story). Just because Tebow does it does not make it okay. The only appropriate places to wear these "Crocs" would be inside your home away from the world or while working in your garden. That's it. No exceptions.

Did I save the best for last or what? This is my top fashion pet peeve of all time. Bottom banded dresses. Whoever designed these obviously was not keeping a woman's figure in mind. These accentuate the upper thigh (I have yet to meet a woman who is in love with her thighs) and squeeze the portion of our legs that often has the most bulge to begin with. Why would anyone wish this upon themselves? The one word that comes to mind? Trashy. However it has been a huge trend in the clubbing community and it needs to stop.

We all are guilty of making some mistakes when it comes to fashion...but life (and fashion) is one huge learning experience. Best thing about it? There's always tomorrow.


Friday, April 23, 2010

SATC2: 80's Homage.

We're only a month away from the premiere of Sex and the City 2! The movie flashbacks to when our favorite foursome originally meets. Not only were their lives completely different but so were their fashions. Here's a few authentic 80's looks created by costume designer Pat Field. I'm loving Carrie's off the shoulder sweater, Chuck Taylors, and tutu-lace-pearl combination. Nothing screams 80's quite like Samantha's studded denim vest and faux python leggings. And of course, Charlotte keeps true to her style with Lily Pulitzer, pearls, and those 80s bangs.

It is safe to say that there is a huge 80's revival in fashion right now, and designers have decided to have some fun with it (as they should). Marc Jacobs played with teased hair and big hair accessories in his Spring RTW. As for Balmain, leather and ripped acid wash skinnies were all over the place. And neons were blinding on the Louis Vuitton runway (Marc Jacobs is creative director for the famous fashion house). Get some inspiration from these looks and make it work for YOU! Even if it's adding a neon bangle or harem pant to your wardrobe, there is no need for anyone to skip out on this 80s trend...just please no scrunchies :)


Photo Credit


Monday, April 19, 2010

Look for Less: Olivia Palermo.

My style icon, Olivia Palermo, always looks chic no matter what she wears, even if it's roaming around the city in shorts. Despite the fact that her Birkin costs more than a car, I was able to create a complete look for under $100. Remember, great style doesn't have to cost a fortune. I highly recommend Old Navy, TopShop, Forever 21, and Target to find some stylish bargains.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer Wish List.

Here are a few things I've been crushing on for summer....