Friday, April 30, 2010

Graduate Chic.

Tomorrow, one of my dearest friends will be graduating. For her big day, I've put together a look that suits her personal style while allowing her to stand out among the other thousands of University of Florida graduates.

We found a great coral dress that fits wonderfully today, the day before graduation. Are we lucky or what? She has some great Sequin bangles that go with absolutely everything, gold studs, and a pearl necklace (staying true to her style) to accessorize the look. Because trekking across our miles-wide campus is not preferential, I thought some dressy flats would be best. I was so excited to get Lacie her first pair of Jack Rogers! Loving the new platinum color because it can go with both gold and silver. To finish the look, I added a giant bow clutch. Happy Graduation and all the best!


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