Monday, April 5, 2010

Out With the Old...In With the Old?

Yes...these trends are really coming back. But don't worry, they are without a doubt new and improved. I am so loving the demure tie-dye trend. If you're willing to relive this trend, make sure it is (for the most part) only one color. No one wants to get dizzy looking at the dress you're wearing. These cargo pants are so not your 8th grade Abercrombie & Fitch obsession. They have fewer pockets and are cut much slimmer (and definitely more flattering) than old school cargos. Which brings me to these denim blouses....who says denim only belongs on your bottom half? Switch it up by wearing a denim blouse with white pants, high-waisted trousers, or go for the gusto with a head-to-toe denim look. Don't let the reputation of these old trends scare you from trying something new!


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