Monday, April 26, 2010

Eternal Fashion Faux Pas.

Here are a few no-no's to avoid always and forever...

There is such a thing as being "too matched". Since when is it okay to wear a leopard dress with leopard heels? (I've seen this look with my own two eyes) And who says if you're wearing black shoes that you have to wear all black accessories? Every single modern-day style icon has a special way of putting together different colors and making it work. So next time you grab your black shoes reach for a plum or hunter green bag. Switch things up a bit, you know; keep it interesting.

A few days ago I spotted a girl with tank top on and bra straps in full force. Now, there's nothing worse than seeing someone's unmentionables in an unfashionable way. However, this girl put a twist on the faux pas: they were clear straps (think 1998). While I appreciate the effort of trying to camouflage her straps, I wanted to let her know that it was just making them more apparent. Two words: strapless bra.

Because I live in Gainesville, I see these babies on a regular basis (I even spotted Tim Tebow sporting some orange and blue ones a few months ago...true story). Just because Tebow does it does not make it okay. The only appropriate places to wear these "Crocs" would be inside your home away from the world or while working in your garden. That's it. No exceptions.

Did I save the best for last or what? This is my top fashion pet peeve of all time. Bottom banded dresses. Whoever designed these obviously was not keeping a woman's figure in mind. These accentuate the upper thigh (I have yet to meet a woman who is in love with her thighs) and squeeze the portion of our legs that often has the most bulge to begin with. Why would anyone wish this upon themselves? The one word that comes to mind? Trashy. However it has been a huge trend in the clubbing community and it needs to stop.

We all are guilty of making some mistakes when it comes to fashion...but life (and fashion) is one huge learning experience. Best thing about it? There's always tomorrow.


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