Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fashion's Night Out: Gainesville Style.

Last year's Fashion Night Out in NYC was a huge success. This night of shopping is designed to help stimulate our hurting economy (the fashion industry namely) by promoting special deals for lovers of all things chic. However, this year local businesses in Gainesville have adopted this idea to provide us a similar opportunity right here in the 352.

Here is the official announcement from Matt Turner, owner of Wolfgang:

Good evening Gainesville!

It's weird, Labor Day weekend is supposed to be nice and relaxing,
you know? A chance to get out of town, let loose, have fun, etc.
Yet, every person I talk to acts like they were all collectively
hit by a Mack truck at some point or something. Everyone's a wreck!
Anyway, that's not important. What IS important is that this
Friday, 9/10/2010, Wolfgang is more than happy and proud to present
the city of Gainesville with it's 2nd annual Fashion's Night Out!

If you are unfamiliar with FNO, it is an international celebration
of fashion and style, hosted in NYC, Paris, Milan, etc., and many
other fashionable cities across the world. Here's the link,

We are going to have our own version of this illustrious occasion.
It goes like this:

Wolfgang, along with other boutiques like Dahlia, Etc. Boutique,
Gifthorse, Persona, Mesh and Calzatura, will be selling Fashion's
Night Out cards for $5 each. With that card, from 6PM-10PM this
Friday, you can go to each of the 16 LOCAL businesses participating
and receive discounts, freebies, hook-ups, drinks, food and all
sorts of great stuff.

Great start, right? But that's not all. The FIRST person that
gets a stamp or signature or some proof of going to ALL the
businesses listed on the FNO card and brings it back to Wolfgang (headquarters)
completed will receive a very special GRAND PRIZE filled with
amazing gifts from all of the participating businesses. In addition,
the first 10-15 that arrive at Wolfgang with a completed card will
receive smaller gift bags with coupons, freebies and lots of
smaller gifts from all of the businesses.

Participating businesses include:
Wolfgang, Dahlia, Etc. Boutique, Calzatura, Mesh, Persona, Gifthorse,
Karma Cream, Volta, Tecnicolors Salon, Mode Salon, Salon La-Di-Da,
Sharab Lounge, Alcove Bar, Lux Bar and Spannk/Speakeasy.

You can't really lose. It's $5 to get hooked up all over the city.
You can do the race for the grand prize or just go to a few of your
favorite places and hang out and enjoy their perks. Its a great
way to support local business in Gainesville. The FNO cards
will also be valid at all of the above listed bars /clubs until they
close at 2am. You can ONLY get credit towards the prizes between
the hours of 6pm-10pm, though.

Any questions can be made to me at 904.716.4194 or 352.505.8123.
Tickets will be available to purchase tomorrow afternoon. Please
come and join us for this fantastic occasion!

Here's the Facebook invite if you need more info as well:

Hope to see all of you on Friday! Take care,

Matthew Turner

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