Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bi-Polar Wedding Looks?

So I had a little idea that I thought would be fun. I created two looks, both for weddings at the same level of formality (wedding season is just around the corner, ladies). On the left, I chose an adorable Milly dress...(designer Michelle Smith is very into fun, flirty pieces). I accessorized with Chanel studs and bag, sparkly Louboutins, and a Milly necklace (going Milly crazy today, I'm not exactly sure why). I picture this on a conservative, preppy girl who sticks to the classics. The second look is actually not a dress. I paired a silk satin skirt with a striped silk bustier top. After spending all day at a vintage shop and realizing it is the perfect place to find both classic and unique belts, I went with this gold vintage one. It is only $25...such a steal. It has a retro feel, but when paired with the top and skirt it fits into the eclectic look I was going for. I had to put this snakeskin clutch because it complimented the blue tones and hoops so well. Threw in some metallic birdcage platforms and voilá...perfect outfit for your sassy, risk-taking friend. OK, back to my "idea"...I want each of you to choose the look that you would wear to a wedding and either text me or leave a comment below. I REALLY want to hear your input to get insight into your personal style (I'm pretty sure each girl is one or the other---in reference to the looks). I love both but one is more me. I'll tell you my pick after my next post (if you can't already guess), but I want to keep it non-biased. Tough decisions to make but someone's gotta make 'em.



  1. having traveled to san fran and soho with you and nava...and judging your oh so unique reaction...i thin you know i know your pref. hahaha...(Dude, im exhausted! BUT Austin is another city we're visiting, so now i know where to use what we found at cal!)

  2. I didn't think you could wear that white to a wedding...however that two piece look I am liking for bridesmaids believe it or not.